We’re leading the way to keep water cool and clean.

Taking the lead by protecting 60,000 miles of streams

Our foresters use modern forestry practices to protect over nine million acres and 60,000 miles of streams. Buffer zones provide shade to keep water cool and slope stabilization reduces erosion and sediment entering streams to keep water clean. To date we have removed more than 8,000 barriers to fish passage and upgraded stream crossings to make it easier for fish to migrate upstream.

Leading the way in sustainable forestry

We’re replanting three trees for every one harvested. This rapid replanting helps ensure that a new forest begins to grow quickly after harvest so Working Forests can provide sustainable benefits to our economy, our society, and the environment.

Following the lead of science

The Forests & Fish Law is a landmark collaboration including
science-based forest practices regulations that guide the protection
of more than 60,000 miles of streams running through 9.3 million acres of state and private forestland.

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