Beth Fitch, Reforestation Forester

Years working in the woods: 35
Favorite Forest Creature: Owls

As a kid growing up in Colorado, Beth spent a large part of the time outdoors. Today, Beth oversees reforestation efforts at our Big Creek forest outside of Astoria, OR. She takes over from the time logging ends until the trees are about 15-20 years old, organizing replanting efforts, deciding which species to plant, and making sure young seedlings thrive. Beth works closely with tree nurseries and participates in Oregon State University’s Northwest Tree Improvement Cooperative.

What's the most important thing to have in the woods?

"A compass."

Long-term stewardship

Beth helps manage over 30,000 acres of Hampton timberland near the mouth of the Columbia River. All the timber harvested from these forestlands is processed by local sawmills.

When timber is put up for sale Dave drives out to walk the forest. Before bidding on the timber he first has to determine what it will take to harvest the logs safely and efficiently. This includes road building and slope considerations and stream and habitat protections. Once timber is purchased, Dave works closely with local logging and trucking contractors to get the wood to the mills.