See How Working Forests are Part of the Solution

Discover today’s science-driven working forestry

Today’s working forests scarcely resemble those of 50 years ago, but old assumptions linger. Far too many people, without knowing it, are stuck having a conversation that is outdated and irrelevant.

Real change can begin with a question — “did you know?” — followed by a reasonable, educated dialogue grounded in the facts found here. Start here in our Working Forest Action Network Learning Center to equip yourself to have those positive conversations.

By educating and advocating, we can replace old assumptions (one person at a time if we have to) with facts about modern sustainable working forests and the reasons renewable wood is an integral material in the better future we’re building together.


Working forests as part of a carbon solution

Get the latest science and research about how working forests and using renewable wood in a variety of innovative ways — such as with biomass energy production and constructing tall buildings with wood — will help us to reduce carbon emissions, both short- and long-term.

Working forests central role as environmental stewards

Learn more about what is being done on privately owned forestland in collaboration with others to ensure that our environment and wildlife habitats are clean and safe now and into the future.

Sustainable practices driving modern working forestry

Find out more about how science is guiding working forests to improve the cycle of planting, harvest, milling and manufacturing, and replanting in ways that ensure our forests are sustainably managed.

Working forests are part of a healthy state economy

Learn the facts about how working forests are a vital source of family-wage employment and funding of public programs across Washington.