Dave Kunert, Forest Engineer

Years working in natural resources: 25
Favorite Forest Creature: Loggers

Dave was raised on a cattle ranch near Sisters, OR. He went to Oregon State University to study civil engineering then discovered–with some dismay–that most civil engineering jobs were in cities. When he learned he could pursue “civil engineering in the woods” at the College of Forestry, he quickly changed gears. A few years later he graduated with a degree in Forest Engineering. Dave started his career with the Oregon Department of Forestry before joining Hampton in 1999. Today, he purchases public and private timber for Hampton, helping to ensure our four Oregon sawmills have enough fiber to operate.

What's the most important thing to have in the woods?


A coastal timber “cruiser”

When timber is put up for sale Dave drives out to walk the forest. Before bidding on the timber he first has to determine what it will take to harvest the logs safely and efficiently. This includes road building and slope considerations and stream and habitat protections. Once timber is purchased, Dave works closely with local logging and trucking contractors to get the wood to the mills.