Forest landowners launch Washington ad campaign

The Washington Forest Protection Association has launched a new advertising campaign in Washington highlighting the environmental benefits of sustainable forestry. The campaign, which includes audio, video, billboards and other digital media, is centered around the themes, “Washington’s Working Forests Work For All of Us” and “Washington’s Working Forests Grow Better Tomorrows.”

Among the many facts in the campaign, did you know?

  • Working foresters in Washington plant 52 million trees a year, three for every one tree that is harvested
  • Working forests protect fish habitat in 60,000 miles of streams, ensuring clean, clear water for healthy salmon runs
  • Working forests and wood products store 35% of our state’s carbon emissions. Working foresters are doing their part for climate change. 

Go to WorkingForests.org to learn more about how Washington’s working forests provide carbon solutions, follow sustainable forestry practices, protect cultural resources, keep forests healthy and support 106,000 jobs across the state.

Whether we’re driven by a desire to economical or by a concern for changes in our climate, more of us share a goal of reducing carbon emissions than ever before.

Maintaining actively managed working forests is an important—in fact, essential—way that we in Washington support an industry that creates family-wage jobs while achieving that common objective.

…There’s an exciting dialogue happening in our cities and towns.

It’s positive conversation in which we’re collectively rediscovering knowledge lost in the last century—wood is our most natural resource.

It’s about how we balance the need to be more carbon-friendly with our natural impulse to have our communities grow, improve, and thrive.

But as we dive into the exciting realm of possibilities for how to integrate more sustainable, renewable wood into building our future responsibly, we have to be mindful that Washington needs to support a sustainable forestry economy, too.

From the real jobs worked by people in forestry and forestry-related occupations—together, Washington’s forestry industry is the state’s third largest employer—to keeping sustainable wood competitive with less carbon-friendly alternatives for construction, a stable and growing forestry sector is good for our future.