Heather Druffel, Forester

Unlike most foresters I did not obtain a degree in forestry, but in ecology and conservation biology with a minor in wildlife, and I am now working on my Natural Resource Policy and Administration master’s degree from the University of Florida. I have done everything from environmental education to marine biology research. It wasn’t until it was suggested to me by a now co-worker, that I looked into the forestry sector. Impressed by the commitment to stewardship and sustainability that the forestry industry showed I opted to further my career in this field.

Now, I still work on a large variety of projects from leading forestry education and outreach, to maintaining the third party sustainability certification, and working with stakeholders to ensure we are all being stewards of the land. Sustainably managing Washington’s forests is critical to not only the state’s economy but ensuring our forests are accessible and usable for generations to come.  The benefits provided by Washington State’s forests are seemingly limitless and I hope to be able to continue to take part in their successful management.

I look forward to furthering my career working with stakeholders to meet scientific standards of today while still satisfying recreation, conservation, and educational needs. I currently work for Hancock Forest Management out of Orting, WA as their stewardship forester.