Snohomish County family wins 2018 Tree Farmer of the Year

Congratulations to the New family, the owners and stewards of the Nourse Tree Farm in Snohomish County, for being honored as the 2018 Washington Tree Farmer of the Year.

Capital Press provides more details about this year’s award, which is given by the Washington Tree Farm Program (WTFP).

“To be honest, I was quite surprised to hear that I was receiving the Tree Farmer of the Year award,” David New said in a written statement. “I thought there were people who have been doing this a lot longer than I have.”

New credited Washington State University Forestry Extension and the Washington Farm Forestry Association with helping the family develop a plan and meet stewardship goals.

In partnership with the Snohomish Conservation District, the New family restored more than 30 acres of fish habitat by planting conifers and redirecting a stream. One of the side channels had drained into a grass field, causing spawning salmon to die.

“One of our many goals is restoring fish habitat,” said Ryan Williams, program manager at the conservation district.

Because of the restoration, the Nourse Tree Farm has been an outdoor classroom for school groups and WSU Extension classes. The New family donates firewood to a church that distributes it.

“Their management approach, which incorporates sustainable harvests, wildlife enhancement and recreation, fulfills the spirit of being an American Tree Farm System certified tree farmer,” said Jenny Koth, co-chairwoman of the Washington Tree Farm Program.

The New family will be hosting an open house at the Nourse Tree Farm on July 21. More details here.

WTFP also recently posted a great video featuring the Nourse Tree Farm and the New family.