VIDEO: ‘How Forests Make Lives Better’

If you work in and around sustainable forestry, the idea that active forestry is an engine for beneficial things has been a given for some time.

However, if you don’t deal with forestry directly, or your idea of what forestry is begins with a lumberjack yelling “Timber!” and ends with a tree hitting the ground, there’s a whole world of other benefits that you should know about.

Walk in the Woods with Us, a public education project of the National American Forest Partnership, has given an entertaining, educational and extremely well-done animated short video that packs in all of the ways that sustainable forestry produces benefits for everyone. Generating a supply of renewable wood is just the tip of the iceberg here. Watch the video. This is good news for everyone so don’t forget to share it, too.


How Forests Make Lives Better from Walk in the Woods with Us on Vimeo.